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ila jasmine earrings

ila jasmine earrings

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Collaboration piece @haru.palette X @sadhustore

Combined two kind of natural material leather and ata grass.

Sadhu is a handmade brand using Ata as a main material.
Ata is a part of rattan palm family, hand knitted into a unique piece and shapes.

Each piece has been individually drawn, handcut, hand knitted and string it up to unique piece of earrings, so take note that due to the handmade of each piece the treasure you receive will be slightly different from the pictured above.


Genuine sheep leather, Ata grass, gold plated 925 sterling silver stud earrings


All your treasures will come with canvas pouch, make sure to put it back on the pouch to store it and not mix with other accessories to avoid scratch on the leather.