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Our story

My name is Fumi Halim and I'm a self-taught jewellery designer.

From my background as a former interior designer and paper clay instructor, to create something is always been part of my life and my happy moment.

I love experimenting and learn new diffrent techniques to create any kind of handmade or handcrafted stuff and i love being able to create something beautiful with my own two hands, from start to finish, that can be treasured by people and myself.

Leather is a material  that i always have an eye for any kind of products, because it’s beautiful texture which have a raw and authentic look.

Leather material is also versatility, means that it can be cut into any shape so i began my explorations to cut into any shapes that came on my mind without any sketch.

As i always interested in handcrafted jewelry, i came of with an idea to create my own jewelry using leather material that show my personality and style.

Most of my creations is came from my imaginations or a nature inspired that i see in everyday life like flower, leaf, trees, etc, then i bring it up to a realistic beautiful piece of art.

As i received some compliments of wearing my own jewelry creations, it makes me want to share with more people who appreciated an handcrafted goods, so i challange myself to open my first online shop Haru Palette.

Haru means “spring” as i love flower and it means i want to create something that make people looks beautiful and confident of her unique self when they wear it.